Crisis Communication and De-escalation

3 Days


Crisis , Hostage , Negotation , Suicide

The only aspect of a crisis that we have absolute control over is our own emotions.  If you cannot control yourself, you cannot control the situation.  Crisis Communication and De-escalation is an interactive scenario based course focusing on communication with the people that need us most.  Learning to control the tone and direction of a conversation is essential for law enforcement, this allows the student to save lives and stay safe during otherwise difficult encounters.

You will learn how to deal with many different situations that will make you more effective at your job and to have a positive impact with those you meet.  The three-day course shows the student techniques and skills to use when dealing with people in crisis and the best practices on how to best de-escalate a situation.

Whether this crisis is on the street, dealing with the mentally ill, military veterans in crisis or at home, the skill and techniques used here will allow anyone to succeed.  The course offers insight into different topics and arenas all of which when all combined together will make the student a better communicator.