Advanced Hostage Negotiations for Corrections

3 Days

Foundational negotiation techniques remain the same regardless of venue. However, there are circumstances that are unique to correctional facilities and their staff. This course reviews specific techniques to address these conditions.

This three-day course of instruction reviews relevant case law and rulings specific to Hostage Negotiators, co-existing with a tactical team, knowing when negotiations aren’t working, and conducting digital negotiations.

This training provides an awareness of liability concerns and established court guidelines for negotiators, team leaders, and command staff during critical incidents. The course also covers why tactical and negotiator teams are co-dependent, the specific needs of each, and ways to bridge operational response gaps during critical incidents. Negotiators are then provided with tools to evaluate the effectiveness of their negotiation. This includes the process of identifying behavior markers that are indicative of peaceful or violent outcomes. A block of instruction is provided on dealing with the mentally ill persons in crisis. Finally, in today’s digital age the likeness of conducting a negotiation through non-verbal means is becoming increasingly likely. A review of specific techniques to engage in a digital negotiation is provided.

Attendees will also participate in scenario based and tabletop exercises to practice newly acquired skills and to master the basics.